Texas Web Hosting Providers – Good and Not So Good Choices

It is often difficult to make the right choice when you are looking solely on the presentation and features of a service. In the advertisements, all web hosting services look perfect. The benefits are many and the prices are low. However, you cannot know which one of the Texas providers is reliable and which one is not. That is why it is worth looking at some of the popular companies and assessing the web hosting services they offer.

Performance Hosting is among the most popular web hosting providers in Texas. They offer both shared and dedicated server plans. The 100% uptime guarantee is one of the best selling features of these packages. The server and network speed of Performance Hosting is not among the best and this is perhaps the major disadvantage of the services. Still, the reliability and uptime are recognized as excellent by both professionals and customers. The technical support is also highly rated. Even though the Performance Hosting services are not the cheapest, they offer good value for money. Overall, this web hosting is a good choice.

Another Texas based web hosting provider that has gained popularity in recent years is Win Web Hosting. Despite their name they offer packages based on both Windows and Linux platforms. All of heir packages have standard features, such as multiple domains, statistic reports, e-commerce support, control panel and web-based email. The pricing is quite reasonable and competitive. The uptime of the Win Web Hosting services is satisfactory, even though it can be improved. The server and network speed is recognized to be above average which is certainly an advantage. The technical support is not among the best, but it is still satisfactory. Overall, Win Web Hosting is a fine choice.

There are a lot of users who choose Ava Host for their affordably priced packages with a full-range of standard features. Still, you can find cheaper services with the same features provided by Texas based companies. The uptime reliability of the service is average. Even though many people are happy with the server and network speeds, there have been major complaints in the past. The technical support is reliable, but some of the staff members do not seem to be speaking English fluently. For this reason, you might not get the help you need, even though the response is timely. Overall, Ava Host is not among the best choices you can make, even though they seem to have made some considerable improvements to their services.

It can be safely said that the Texas web hosting companies are not alike even though they appear similar at first glance. It is definitely worth looking into more detailed assessments and personal customer reviews in order to find the truth behind the advertisement message. As long as you do your homework and perform a thorough research, you will certainly find the best Texas based web hosting services for your preferences and requirements. In this way, you can be certain that you will not get disappointed and lose money because of poor quality service.

A Review of Host Gator – One of the Top Web Hosting Providers in Texas

Internet representation is a must for every business that wants to grow and make more profits. Having a company website is essential irrespective of the type of industry you are in. There is a wide range of providers to choose from in Texas. One of the most popular is Host Gator. It is definitely worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of the services they offer.

Host Gator offers a range of different web hosting services. This is certainly a benefit for customers who can always choose to upgrade the service they are using. The transition will be hassle free and will cost much less. Generally, moving from one package to another package of the same company does not involve any additional expenses, apart from the cost of the new service.

Their individual Host Gator plans are designed for individuals and small businesses that want to use a single domain. The disk space and the bandwidth are unlimited. The so called baby plans have the same features, but allow for the use of an unlimited number of domains. The business plans have additional features – dedicated SSL and IP and a toll-free number. The provider also offers VPS hosting and dedicated servers. The services are compatible with Windows and Linux computer operation systems.

All web hosting services of this Texas-based provider come with 99.9% uptime guarantee. The packages include a website building software program and tools. Users can also take advantage of the fully-integrated control panel for managing their sites. There are programming and database features as well. An email set up feature is also available. The 24/7 customer support has won awards in the past.

This is a standard package that most of the large providers offer. The services of Host Gator do not differ widely, but they are sufficient for starting and managing your site. Still, the range of features in the package is greater compared to what is on offer from smaller Texas-based companies. On the other hand, Host Gator does not provide web design services and this can be a disadvantage for businesses that want the full website development package. They do not have statistics either, even though this feature is becoming more widely available and highly sought after.

It is definitely worth considering the prices of the web hosting services provided by this Texas-based company. Given its large size and growing customer base, Host Gator can afford to have lower price levels than its smaller and local competitors in particular. Their monthly fees start from $4.95 which is quite low, even though you can find hosting services for $3 coming from Texas providers dedicated to offering cheap services. The Host Gator business plans are considerably less expensive than the services of their competitors. In fact, they cost around two times less than some of the packages by small Texas providers.

Overall, Host Gator offers functional and reliable web hosting services. They are not perfect and can have a lot more features, but the affordable pricing compensate for this, to an extent.