DSL Internet Services in Texas – A Basic Guide

You want to improve the communication options you have at home or at the office. Having a reliable internet connection can really help you stay in touch and communicate more effectively with friends, family or business partners. More importantly, you will have a fast and reliable access to a wide range of informational resources, including news ones. Many people in Texas choose to have a DSL internet connection. You should definitely look into this option more closely.

The DSL connection provides internet access through your existing telephone line. However, unlike dial-up, you will be able to use both your phone and be online at the same time. This is just one of the advantages of this dial up connection. Another benefit is that the DSL connection can be shared across multiple computers. This is productive and cost efficient. No matter how many computers you have at home or in the office, you will get them reliably connected to the internet without incurring additional costs.

How about the DSL internet service providers in Texas? It is definitely worth taking a closer look at some of the notable companies. The DSL internet connection packages in Texas are offered primarily by the large providers operating nationwide. These include Verizon, Qwest, Toast.net and Century Link. The different packages offer various speeds and features. You can get valuable extras, such as extra storage space, a special pop-up blocker, junk mail guards and parental controls. These come with the Qwest package. Some Verizon packages have other free extras, such as a wireless rooter. Toast.net, on the other hand, offer unlimited technical support as part of the package.

These additional features are definitely worth looking into, but the speed of the connection is the most important factor to consider. The standard packages of most DSL internet providers in Texas have a maximum speed of 1 Mbps. However, some companies, such as Century Link and Toast.net provider say that their connection speed, coming with a standard offer, can go up to 6 and 10 Mbps. This is certainly a benefit, but you should definitely not rely completely on such promises. The fact that such a speed might be achieved does not meant that you will have it most of the time. Usually, if you want a faster connection for 3 or 7 Mbps, you will have to pay approximately 10 dollars over the standard package, so that the speed is guaranteed.

The costs of the different DSL internet packages in Texas do not vary widely. You can pay anywhere between $15 and $30 per month for a standard service. These prices are quite reasonable, but as you can expect, they are subject to specific conditions. Most of the cheaper DSL services have low prices for just the first year of the contract. After 12 months pass, you might be presented with much higher cost. It is definitely not a good idea to for such a deal, unless you are staying in Texas for a limited time only. In addition, you should expect to pay more for a DSL internet connection, if you have a landline phone with another service provider.